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Massive experience along with deep understanding of the technical process is required for web development. Fortunately Neo Web Services Provider has highly educated and expert team of web developers, web programmers, website coders, and webmasters, website designers, who have a long practical experience in the field of creating unique and high-quality websites. We offer exclusive web solutions for all types of web related issues throughout the world. No matter, the website is small or complex, simple or complicated, static or flash; we deal in all.

Neo Web Services Provider provides you with talented, learned and professional web developers who are capable enough to achieve the highest level of perfection in creating business web solutions. We are the True Masters in fulfilling the online requirements of our prestigious clients. We create attractive and intuitive interface with logical and easy-to-use navigation layout that really makes the difference. We provide you experts in PHP, MySQL…

We offer a free consultation session in which you can ask any type of question related to your website. Feel free to contact us on these numbers-----. It would be our pleasure to serve you.
Web Development
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It is an established fact that the usage of Online E-commerce Websites are increasing day by day. The reason is quite obvious; it is an easy and convenient way of shopping. Recent Surveys indicates that most of people like to SHOP by sitting at their homes or offices. With the help of these online businesses, it is very easy to navigate and buy any item found in anywhere around the globe. A large variety of all types of products is accessible to anyone who wants to buy it. If you want to get maximum profit from your business (as every owner wants), you have to create an e-commerce website that suits your business and be accessed globally so you could sell to anyone around the globe.

No doubt, there are many ready-made e-commerce websites solutions available on net. What you have to do is to sign up and start paying a monthly payment; your will get ready-made website. The negative points in this regard are these that you have to pay monthly fees forever, and you have to settle for a design and layout that you may not like. If you use more bandwidth, your website will be blocked. Worst is this that they charge you per product; so no matter if you are selling or not, you have to pay for having listed more products. These readymade websites are difficult to manage too and also risky. You will be paying for some features that you never need.

We offer a free consultation session in which you can ask any type of question related to your website. Feel free to contact us on these numbers-----. It would be our pleasure to serve you.
Shopping Cart Development
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If you are a newbie in the field of web development or you already have a website and want to have assistance in creating memorable first impression; Neo Web Services Provider is here to help you. Our Highly Qualified Team creates designs by keeping in mind the basic concepts of your business and then implements these concepts in such a perfection that is matchless. We create Eye-catching, Personalized and User as well as Search Engine Friendly Flash Designs with the help of new technology. We always follow the new trends and integrate them with old traditions according to the demand of our clients’ business. This mixture of old and new concepts gives the site a completely new touch.

You can find a large number of flash design templates for your business website on net. It is true that these designs are cheaper and sometimes you can find these designs free but it is also true that these designs are not fit for every business. You cannot personalize them and hence you cannot create an impression that you want to create. In fact, for a long-lasting impression, you have to create something different like animation etc.

Neo Web Services Provider offers you a complete range of flash web designing. We offer you full flash web designs and partially flash web designs like Flash menu designs, Flash banner designs, Combination of HTML and Flash web designs and Flash intros at the most AFFORDABLE RATES. Feel free to contact us on these numbers….interactive flash designing/programming.
Flash Programming Designing
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It is not enough to create a website; it is even more important to keep a high position in ranking and then maintain it. Neo Web Services Provider knows it quite well. There are a large number of websites that die just after their creation or can survive only for few months. The reason is this that the competition is very tough and you have to follow a strict policy to be in top 10, top 20 or even top 30 websites related to the same particular keyword. Under these circumstances, it is advisable to choose ETHICAL, LEGAL and LONG-LASTING search engine optimization for your website. It is no doubt a difficult task but there are some genuine seo companies like our company- Neo Web Services Provider- that has earned a very good reputation in field of seo. These sites are tested sites, so you can select anyone of them to take your business at the height of glory.

Search engine optimization is, in fact, a practical way of optimizing a website that increases the position of a website in major search engines. Neo Web Services Provider provides the service of search engine optimization and gives you a Powerful as well as Ethical inbound link-building capability that can take your business website to the top of major search engines. We have a team of experts that are Skillful, Experienced and Trust-worthy. Rather they help you in achieving high ranks in search engines so that your business can grow with a high speed and have the power to compete with other competitors. Our expertise lies in Great Contents, precise Mata data and high Link Building. We not only know but practically put efforts to give you services that must be custom tailored to fit the need of every individual business.
SEO Services
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When you create a website, you have to face a number of expected and unexpected challenges. To solve these problems, in-house database application is required with professional and technical understanding of the process. The main objective of database programming is to enable your website to manage all the information related to your business organization in the way that does not affect the flexibility of data storage. There is a long list of processing and structuring advantages of database development services. As there is a rapid change in the development of sophisticated IT technologies, so the concepts in this specific field are gradually changing as well. You need to be familiar with these developments and keep yourself in touch if you want to cope with the new scenario. Neo Web Services Provider is quite familiar with this fact and our Highly Qualified Team is competent enough to fulfill the needs of our respected clients.

Neo Web Services Provider offers you Custom Database Programming that helps in creating perfect blend of back end database programming and fast processing of information and getting accurate results in seconds. At the same time it enables you to manage important data without any difficulty. We take special care that the codes can meet the need of the system and the database programming will help our clients in dealing with different network environments. We have expertise in integrating existing data with a newly develop database without any lose of data. After completing this integration, our team checks the whole process to minimize the chance of error. We take special care of BUG FREE PERFORMANCE of the application. We also keep in our minds that the future requirements are always growing; so we apply database capacity strategy keep extra space at standby position. We in fact, not only deliver database programming but also train our clients to overcome all the coming hurdles in the field of web technology.
PHP Database Programming
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Graphic designing is one of the major sectors in the field of web designing. It reflects the values and objectives of any organization. In fact, website is a true representation of you on internet. If you present it effectively, you will see an increase in potential traffic that ultimate ends in increased revenue. Otherwise, the whole practice ends in nothing. Neo Web Services Provider’ experts have the ability to design visually impressive websites that can make your presence OUT-STANDING among other competitors. They create such websites that are not only visually stunning but also search engine friendly. Our graphic designs are Professional, Editable, Easy-to-Maintain and Visitors as well as Search Engine Friendly. We have the power of implementing our ideas and then attracting our valuable visitors by leaving a lasting impression on their minds.

Neo Web Services Provider works on different designs, color scheme, formats and minor details; and then offer you a strong- based complete solution of graphic design for your website that particularly suits your online business. We give a professional look to your website and make it a trade mark of your business. If you are interested in creating such type of website, feel free to contact us on these numbers----.
Website Design
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Php programming is very popular term in the field of web development. In fact, it is a language that is very commonly used in web development because it has many plus points. For example,

  • It is very fast and secure.
  • It is easy to modify.
  • It is platform independent.
  • The best part about Php programming is this that it can be embedded into any part of HTML code without any difficulty.
  • Almost all servers offer Php support.
  • Its well-matched quality has made it very popular among the users.
  • It is full-fledged programming language that is completely free.
  • It can be performed in any platform regardless its operational system.
  • You can use this language in writing any type of composite application with facing any problem.

Neo Web Services Provider has Profound Knowledge and Vast Experience in the development of database driven websites. We always keep in mind the quality of our product along with the satisfaction of our clients so that you can experience a website free of bugs and easy to use. Our Php programming is usually based on strong background knowledge of C/ C++ languages, so this additional benefit makes us VERY STRONG IN PHP PROGRAMMING.
Custom PHP Programming
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OsCommerce is THE BEST open source e-commerce solution for any online business. It is a free facility under GNU General Public License. It makes the shopping process easier from the first step to the last for both the store owners and the customers. It takes the human efforts to its minimum and generates the benefits to the maximum.

Every business has its own limitations as well as requirements. To overcome these limitations and to fulfill the requirements, everyone has to follow different strategy. There are many companies who offer these solutions but Neo Web Services Provider takes the complete responsibility of your E-Shop and takes it to its height in the most cost effective way.Our team is highly competent with deep and profound knowledge of the whole process to take you ahead among your competitors. We have a wide range of template designs that can give a complete new look to your business.

We have Custom Module Development that can accommodate you at a proper place on net with many extra features. Our SEO service promises you to give your site a high rank in many search engines. We also offer osCommerce B2B services, osCommerce with Ajax, osCommerce custom and support service. Our maintenance service is always free for all our clients.
OsCommerce Development
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A payment gateway is an e-commerce application service provider service that authorizes payments for e-businesses and online retailers. It is the equivalent of a physical point of sale terminal located in most retail outlets.

In today's globalised electronic world, it is important to provide customers with easy access to all services on your website. If you already have a Web site but you haven't been using it to automatically process payments from customers, you will need to integrate a payment gateway if you are planning to take your Web site to the next level and reach more customers. So if you are going to accept credit cards online for your business you need a payment gateway to be integrated to your site.

Either you are looking for payment gateway integration with your shopping cart or need it for your custom built website Neo Web Services Provider is expert in Payment Gateways integration like PayPal, Google Checkout , 2Checkout, Authorize.net, Cyber Source, LinkPoint and many more.
Payment Gateways
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Are you looking for a Webmaster to take care of your website or need help to move your site to a new host, need technical support, want a dedicated person to look after your site on regular basis or don't have a site yet and need a dedicated programmer to create it for you. Then you are on the right place.

We have expert webmasters specialized in handling and sorting out various issues, problems and we also provide expert opinion related to web hosting, domain names, domain transfers, web design, ecommerce solutions, database solutions, content management , PHP programming, PHP ecommerce, flash design and programming etc. If you looking for new website of any nature or you need any help with your existing website, we are your one stop programming paradise, we will handle your all programming, designing and hosting issues at very affordable prices with consistent quality.

Hire a webmaster today on:

Hourly basis: $12 per hour.
Daily basis: $90 per day. (8 hours daily).
Weekly basis: $450 per week. (40 hours per week in total).
Monthly basis: $1600 per month. (160 hours in a month).
Webmaster Services
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It is true that Zen cart is suitable for almost all types of businesses- from a small business to the large one- so its demand is more than its available experts. The best thing in this regard is this that you should select a company that is really reliable, secure and fast. Do not compromise on standards even if you have to spend a little more amount. Neo Web Services Provider is FAST, RELIABLE, FAST AND AFFORDABLE.

Neo Web Services Provider offers you the best possible solution for your online need as we already have developed considerable expertise in this field. Our team is proficient and capable in developing Zen cart in the most professional way. Each member of our team is Competent enough in creating high standard Zen cart that can be industry specific and help you in winning market.

The beauty of Zen cart is its relatively easy integration with already existing websites. It has many features like its straightforward installation, its multiple language option, its different options for payment, its powerful administration and content management tools etc. Neo Web Services Provider offers you custom Zen cart solutions along with SEO service to maintain high standards in industry.
Zen Shopping Carts
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Keeping up with web site maintenance and keeping it up to date is as important as building the site initially. Neo Web Services Provider team of professional web developers, web designers and can work with html, asp, asp.net, php, mysql, ajax, shopping carts etc. We are offering very affordable web maintenance packages.

We are offering professional and cost effective web site maintenance services with the fast turnaround. We take care of each and every detail. Our experienced website developers can make any of the change without compromising quality. The changes including modification and addition of content like articles, press releases, image addition or alternating, removing or adding pages with same design, updating products and prices and much more.

Our Website Maintenance Packages:

1. Sliver Package - Cost $50 per month.

  • Includes 6 hours of programming time per month.
  • Suitable for small business and personal websites where maintenance requirements are minimal.
  • Monthly contract, client can cancel it at any time without any obligation.

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2. Gold Package - Cost $100 per month.

  • Includes 12 hours of programming time per month.
  • Suitable for medium size business websites like ecommerce sites, database driven website, dating websites.
  • Contract is for 3 months.
  • Client can cancel it at any time with a prior notice of 3 business days, without any obligation.

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3. Platinum Package - Cost $150 per month.

  • Includes 20 hours of programming time.
  • Suitable for corporate websites sites with heavy data and huge customer database.
  • Contract is for 6 months.
  • Client can cancel it at any time by giving one week prior notice, without any obligation.
Website Maintenance
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